Chanu Delta Strategy V3

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This strategy is built on the Chanu Delta Indicator, which indicates the strength of the Bitcoin market. When the Chanu Delta Indicator hits “Delta Bull” and “Delta Bear” and closes the candle, long and short signals are triggered respectively. The example shown on the screen is a default setting optimized for a 4-hour candlestick strategy based on the Bybit BTCUSDT futures market. You can use it by adjusting the setting value and modifying it to suit you.

This new version is selectable from both reference and large amplitude BTCUSD markets in order to enable fine backtesting. I recommend using BYBIT:BTCUSDT for the reference market and INDEX:BTCUSD for the large amplitude market.

If you use this strategy in conjunction with the Chanu Delta Indicator, it is convenient to anticipate alert signals in advance. Because the Chanu Delta Indicator represents the price difference based on the Bybit BTCUSDT futures market, backtesting is possible from March 2020.

▶ Improvements and originality compared to the previous version
1. Selectable BTCUSD reference and large amplitude markets
2. Improvement of the SL/TP Function
- Improved SL/TP function based on the actual entry price of the position.
- Application of SL/TP function can be turned on/off.
Normalization of Chanu Delta: By dividing the original Chanu Delta value by the price of the reference Bitcoin market, it allows the Chanu Delta strategy to be universally used in the long term despite Bitcoin price fluctuations.
Original Chanu Delta (Previous version) = Price of BTCUSD Large amplitude market - Price of BTCUSD reference market
Normalized Chanu Delta = (Original Chanu Delta / Price of BTCUSD reference market) * 100000
Here are recommended settings of the strategy.
BTCUSD reference market: BYBIT:BTCUSDT
BTCUSD large amplitude market: INDEX:BTCUSD
Source: Close
Resolution: Same as chart (4hr)
1. Use normalization of Chanu Delta
- Bull Level: 21
- Bear Level: -14.6
- SL: 16.9
- TP: 17.2
2. Use normalization of Chanu Delta
- Bull Level: 35.4
- Bear Level: -41.5
- SL: 13.5
- TP: 17
릴리즈 노트: Default value revision (Recommended settings are changed.)
- BTCUSD large amplitude market : INDEX:BTCUSD → BYBIT:BTCUSD
- Bull Level: 35.4 → 67.0
- Bear Level: -41.5 → -102.0
- SL: True → False
릴리즈 노트: Just conversion to PineScript v5
릴리즈 노트: 릴리즈 노트:
Default value revision (Recommended settings are changed.)
- Bull Level: 67.0 → 50
- Bear Level: -102.0 → -52
- TP: 17 → 18
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