MCI and VCI - Modified CCI Formulas

For private peeps only
- Takes a modified version of the CCI formula into 2 parts
VCI - Volume Channel Index (Yellow Histogram)
- Measures accurate accumulation and distribution levels and times
MCI - Modified Channel Index
- Measures (when compared to VCI ) levels where clearly buys are interested vs not interested.

- Shows buyer's are more than interested in buying, you've either hit a bottom or heavy resistance

if MCI > VCI
- Show's buyer's aren't interested and will most likely result in a dump/lower price

Great for monitoring accumulation and distribution, these auto buy and sells look for the transition points over 0, works on EVERY commodity/stock/FOREX/Crypto
Results are from trading 1 BTC x25 leveraging. Not all trades will get in if put in at limit, but it does survive with profits after the massive 0.075 fee (results shown are after fees)

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