Trend Reversal System with SR levels

Hello All,

This is the Trend Reversal System with Support/Resistance levels script. long time ago I published it as closed source but now I upgraded it and and published as open-source with a different name. I hope it would be useful for you all while trading/analyzing.

The script has some parts in it: Setup, Count, SR levels, Risk levels & Targets. Now lets check them:

Setup Part: it has two part, Buy or Sell Setup. one of them can be active only. Buy setup: if current close checks if current is lower/equal than the close of the 5. bar. if yes then the script increases number of buy setup. and if it reaches 9 then the script checks if current low is lower/equal than the lows of last 3. and 4. bars, or if the low of the last bar is lower/equal than the lows of last 3. and 4. bars. if yes then the script increases the buy setup by 1. if these conditions met then it puts the label 'S', same for Sell setup. S labels on both setup are potential reversals.

Count Part:
If buy or sell setup reaches the 9 then Count part starts from 1. lets see buy count: If current close is lower/equal than the low of the 3. bar and buy count is lower than 12 or low of the bar 13 is less than or equal to the close of bar 8 then buy count increase or it's completed. if it's completed then the script puts C label, and it's potential reversal. of course there are some conditions that can cancel the count buy/sell or recycle/restart.

By using Setup and Count levels the script can show Support/Resistance Levels, Risk levels & Targets. SR levels are potential reversal levels.

Lets see some example screenshots:

Support/Resistance levels:

Potential Reversal levels and how setup/counts are shown:

Count part can recycle and the script shows it as 'R', (you can see the conditions for Recycle in the script):

Count can be cancelled and and it's shown as 'x'

If the scripts find 9 on Setup or 13 on Count then it checks if it's a good level to buy/sell and if it decides it's good level then it shows TRSSetup Buy/Sell or TRSCount Buy/Sell and also shows the target. in following example the script checks and decide it's a good level to take long position. it can be aggressive or conservative, Conservative is recommended.


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