Indicator: Price Weight Oscillator [xQT5]

This is my revision of AO ( Awesome Oscillator ) that can give more correct and early signals as on my opinion.
I'm used a original formula of AO and modified it with high and low prices adding.
Enjoy it!
릴리즈 노트: Update code base for a more actual view.
Previous code was wrong and my mistake for publish.
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I'm getting an error when pasting script.

Invalid statement: //@ at 1:1

In fact, all scripts i have tried to paste in having given me errors with the script credits.

//@author by xQT5

If I remove those 2 lines I end up getting the error

Invalid statement: pwo at 3:1

Obviously I don't to take away someone's credits but I was trying to get rid of the invalid statement. That was to avail. What could I be doing wrong.
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