[KVA]Keltner Channel Percentage

The "Keltner Channel Percentage" (KC%) indicator, designed for TradingView's version 5 language, offers a unique perspective on market volatility and trend analysis, similar yet distinct from the well-known Bollinger Bands Percentage (BB%).
Audience and Applications:

This indicator is suited for traders who prefer a volatility-based approach but seek a smoother, trend-focused alternative to BB%.
It is especially valuable in markets where volatility is not just a byproduct but a central aspect of price dynamics.

In essence, the "Keltner Channel Percentage" stands as a complementary tool to Bollinger Bands Percentage. It offers a different lens through which to view market volatility and trends, providing traders with additional insights and strategies for navigating the financial markets. Its unique combination of simplicity and depth makes it a valuable addition to the technical analyst's toolkit, suitable for a variety of trading scenarios and market conditions.
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