Swing Pivots High Low

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This indicator is an opensource merge of the built in 'Pivot Points High Low' and the most popular 'Swing-high-low-support-resistance' indicators. The original 'Pivot Points High Low' does not have extensions with better visibility, while the most popular 'Swing-high-low-support-resistance' has no source available. I've also added additional configurable alert conditions for Pivot High and Low Crossover/Crossunder.

Please read the official documentation for further information about the indicator.
릴리즈 노트:
Added support for layering timeframes. Thanks cr8zyday for the suggestion.

You may now select another timeframe in the configuration menu to layer, for example: last 5hours high/low on a 5 minute chart.

However, due to technical knowledge limitations, the labels will not be drawn for layered timeframe configuration. Will fix this in future?
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