PSESS1 - Learn PineScript Inputs

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This is a script written exclusively for people who are trying to learn Pine Script.

PSESS stands for "Pine Script Educational Script Series" which is a series of scripts that helps Pine Script programmers in 2 ways:
  • 1. Learn Pine Script at more depth by an interactive environment where they can immediately see the effects of any change in the pre-written code and also comparing different lines code having tiny differences so they can grasp the details.
  • 2. Have this script open while coding in order to copy the line they find useful

Pine Script Library couldn't be used for this purpose since this script has educational aspect and needs to be executable individually.

This is Script 1 of PSESS and focuses on inputs in Pine Script.
The script is densly commented in order to make it understandable. here is the outline of the script:

1. Inputs that can be received through the indicator() function
2. 12 possible types of input
3. Input() function arguments: defval - title - tooltip - inline - group - confirm
4. The different display of tooltip when inputs are inline
5. Multiple price and time inputs (on single request or multiple requests)
6. What happens when title argument is not specified
7. References and key points from them
릴리즈 노트:
There were wrong instructions on lines 78-79

The empty string in title argument makes any input title to be shown as an empty string not only the color type.
릴리즈 노트:
Names of variables changed to be compatible with PineScript Style guide:
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