"Swap" - Bool/Position/Value : Array / Matrix / Var Autoswap

Library "swap"
Side / Boundary Based All Types Swapper
- three automagical types for Arrays, Matrixes, and Variables
-- no signal : Long/ Short position autoswap
-- true / false : Boolean based side choice
-- Src / Thresh : if source is above or below the threshold
- two operating modes for variables, Holding mode only for arrays/matrixes
-- with two items, will automatically change between the two caveat is it does not delete table/box/line(fill VAR items automatically)
-- with three items, a neutral is available for NA input or neutral
- one function name for all of them. One import name that's easy to type/remember
-- make life easy for your conditional items.

side(source, thresh, _a, _b, _c)
  side Change outputs based on position or a crossing level
    source: (float) OPTIONAL value input
    thresh: (float) OPTIONAL boundary line to cross
    _a: (any) if Long/True/Above
    _b: (any) if Short/False/Below
    _c: (any) OPTIONAL NOT FOR MTX OR ARR ... Neutral Item, if var/varip on a/b it will leave behind, ie , a table or box or line will not erase , if it's a varip you're sending in.
  Returns: first, second, or third items based on input conditions

Please notify if bugs found.
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