FLT - Fully Loaded Taco

This is a very full indicator.

NOTICE: By default, ALL indicators are turned off in the settings, except for the Bollinger Band , in order to facilitate faster load times.

Features can easily be turned on/off in the settings. You can have as many or as few as you want.


  • 3 SMAs (Fast, Medium, Slow)
  • 3 EMAs (Fast, Medium, Slow)
  • Support & Resistance Lines (Lime Color)
  • Parabolic Support & Resistance (Red dots above, Blue dots below)
  • Keltner Channel (purple channel lines)
  • Bollinger Band (Blue Cloud; Center & Borders hidden by default)
  • TTM Squeeze (Purple Background Color on Chart)
  • VWAP (Vibrant Blue Glowing Line, Intraday Only)
  • Fibonacci Retracement (Multicolor, Intraday Only)
  • Ichimoku Cloud (Standard Colors)
Nov 02
릴리즈 노트: Renamed a few of the settings for cleaner look.
Dec 14
릴리즈 노트: Added a MACD Cloud. Alternates between Red and Green.
Dec 14
릴리즈 노트: Added fill for Keltner Channel and moved code around so the script renders more nicely.
Nov 27
릴리즈 노트: Added Bill Willams' Alligator Indicator. Clarified wording in MACD Settings.
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Hi! Thank you for this amazing tool.

Quick Q about the MACD cloud: When I compare it with the usual MACD indicators, with same settings (Long, short and smoothing), it yields different results. It doesnt give me the same output as a standard MACD indicator. Would you mind explaining why that is?

Many thanks!
mattzab kelnel
@kelnel, I probably should rename that MACD cloud. I worked hard to replicate the MACD in such a way that it could truly overlay price. I got it close, but never perfectly exact to my liking. I haven't found anyone else to have successfully made a MACD cloud either.

What's your feedback? Ditch it from the script, or keep it?

Also, I'm thinking about adding the Bill Williams Alligator to the FLT. Thoughts on that plan?
kelnel mattzab
@mattzab, Thx for the instant response!
I must say your cloud is quite far from the standard MACD. It gives very different results and overall Id say it seems "smoother" to me than a standard MACD.
Def don't ditch it, I personally like it. If you are looking to tweak it: It'd be great to have the MACD value (LTF EMA-STF EMA) available at all time on the graph. It's useful for manual backtesting and at the moment I have to manually calculate it for every point of interest.

About B.W. Alligator: the more the merrier in my opinion! This is a fully loaded taco after all. As long as we can disable/enable it, anything goes.
All in one ? description please if you dont mind ....
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