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This project started as an effort to improve the user interface of the hybrid indicator ADX of Vortex, which is, as per the name, a blend of ADX and Vortex Indicator. Plotting both indicators on the same polarity and normalising the vortex, a better interpretation of the interaction between the two is possible, and trend becomes apparent.

Basically, the Vortex provides the bright punch and ADX the continuation of the trend and momentum.

A range mixer has been added to the vortex, comprising both true and interpercentile ranges (see my previous script for a desrciption of interpercentile range). Users can activate and add amounts of each as they see fit.

Finally, there is an RSI filter, the idea of which is to filter out ranging (flat) markets, where no distinct direction is yet emerging.
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IMPORTANT code improvements. Please ensure you update to this version.

For simplicity and clarity, bar coloring conditions have been improved. I’ve also added triangle signals that indicate the beginning and end of a trend.

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BUY/SELL Alerts added.

7 exciting visual themes to choose from! Like these:
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'Any alert' added
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