[Forex Fondamental Overview SGM]

Fundamental analysis tool designed for currency trading in financial markets. The script generates a dashboard that displays key economic indicators for two selected currencies. Here is what makes this script particularly interesting for a trader:

1. Direct comparison between two currencies: The script allows you to choose two currencies (from a predefined list) and directly compare their key economic indicators such as interest rate, GDP growth, debt-to-GDP ratio, unemployment rate, inflation (CPI and PPI), and the services and manufacturing PMI indices. This gives you immediate insight into the economic strengths and weaknesses of each currency, which is crucial for making informed trading decisions.

2. Automatic data updating: Indicator values are updated automatically using security requests ( that pull the most recent data available. This means you don't need to manually update data or check multiple sources; the script takes care of that for you.

3. Currency Relative Strength Calculation: The script calculates a strength index for each currency based on its economic indicators, and then it determines a relative strength index for the currency pair. This allows you to quickly see which currency is currently strongest, providing a basis for "buy strength, sell weakness" trading strategies.

4. Intuitive visualization: Results are presented in clear tables with colored indicators, making the information quickly digestible. For example, the background color changes depending on the relative strength of the currency pair, giving you an immediate visual signal of the overall trend.

5. Adaptability to different trading strategies: Whether you are a swing trader, a day trader, or a scalper, understanding the economic state of currencies can help you align your trading positions with underlying macroeconomic trends. This script gives you this information without requiring detailed economic analysis on your part.

In short, this script is a powerful tool for any Forex trader who wants to integrate fundamental analysis into their trading routine without bothering with the complexity of tracking and analyzing a multitude of economic indicators manually.

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