MavilimW Screener

Screener version of MavilimW Moving Average:

Short-Term Examples (by decreasing 3 and 5 default values to have trading signals from color changes)
BUY when MavilimW turns blue from red.
SELL when MavW turns red from blue.

Long-Term Examples (with Default values 3 and 5)
BUY when the price crosses over the MavilimW line
SELL when the price crosses below the MavW line

MavilimW can also define significant SUPPORT and RESISTANCE levels in every period with its default values 3 and 5.

Screener Panel:

You can explore 20 different and user-defined tickers, which can be changed from the SETTINGS (shares, crypto, commodities...) on this screener version.
The screener panel shows up right after the bars on the right side of the chart.

Tickers seen in green are the ones that are in an uptrend, according to MavilimW.
The ones that appear in red are those in the SELL signal, in a downtrend.
The numbers in front of each Ticker indicate how many bars passed after the last BUY or SELL signal of MavW.
For example, according to the indicator, when BTCUSDT appears (3) in GREEN, Bitcoin switched to a BUY signal 3 bars ago.

-In this screener version of MavilimW, users can define the number of demanded tickers (symbols) from 1 to 20 by checking the relevant boxes on the settings tab.
-All selected tickers can be screened in different timeframes.
-Also, different timeframes of the same Ticker can be screened.

-Screener shows the information about the color changes of MavilimW Moving Average with default settings (as explained in the Short-Term Example section).
-Users can check the "Change Screener to show MavilimW & Price Flips" button to activate the screener as explained in the Short-Term Example section. Then the screener will give information about price flips.

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