Support Resistance Interactive

Hello All,

Using this "Support Resistance Interactive" script you can set the Support/Resistance levels interactively by clicking on the chart. Using the SR levels you set, the indicator creates Support Resistance zones. The width of the zones are calculated by using Threshold option and Threshold is the percent of the distance between Highest/Lowest levels in last 300 bars. if you set Threshold = 1 then it means 1% of the distance between Highest/Lowest levels. You can change SR levels by moving the level up/down by using your mouse anytime you want.

Now lets see it step by step;
After you added the indicator it will ask 5 Support/Resistance Levels and when you click any point then it's kept as S/R level and it asks another SR levels. if you want to use only 3 SR levels then last 2 SR levels are not important and you can click anywhere on the chart;

After you set all SR levels, it will ask "Number of Support/Resistance". if you want to activate first 3 SR lines then set it 3. by default it's 5. when you set it click "Apply" and see the SR zones. that's it.

You can enable/disable alerts and set frequency, then create alerts. as it's interactive tool, the SR levels you set are specific for the current/active symbol. if you open another symbol then you better delete the indicator and add it again
Three Alerts exist in the script: Support Broken, Resistance Broken and Price in SR zone. you can enable/disable the alerts as you wish and you can set frequency for each one as "Once Per Bar" or "Once Per Bar Close"
by default Green/Red/Gray colors are used but You can change the colors using the options. according to the Price moves, SR zone colors are changed automatically.
when we have "Reset" feature to run the script interactively (like we added it for first time) I can update the script, then you will not need to delete/re-add each time you changed the symbol :)

In this example "Threshold" is 2 and "Number of Support/Resistance" is 4.

in this example "Threshold" is 0 and "Number of Support/Resistance" is 5.

Last example; Labels are shown for each zone, you can set location of the labels. SR order and Upper/lower band of each zone are shown in each label.


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