SuperTrend Multiple Risk Management System

This is an improved SuperTrend strategy that makes use of multiple types of risk management options.

We have for example :
1. Take profit and stop loss levels based on support and resistence created with RSI and Pivot Lines(dynamic)
For example, if we have an oversold level and a pivot low , we can take that low point for support.(or resistence for short)
If instead we have an overbought level and a pivot high, we can take that high point for resistence.(orsupport for short)

2. Take profit and stop loss levels based on swing low and swing high points calculated with highest high and lowest low function(dynamic)
For example we take the lowest point in the last 100 candles. We calculate the distance from the current point to that one, and we apply this value as a take profit point. Same for stop loss

3. Take profit and stop loss levels based on % movements(fixed)
For example we have a tp or sl of 10%. If either of them make a movement of 10% from the entry point, they will get triggered.

4. Break even stop loss once the asset moves certain % in our direction.
For example we have a long breakeven of 5%. If the asset moves 5% in our direction, we move the stop loss on the entry point so if the trade pullback and crosses with this point it will exit from the trade.

All the exits from the strategy are happening at the end of the candle close, since we are checking if inside the current candle we cross with either high or low of the candles parts the set prices from any of the above options.

At the same time we can combine multiple of them into one, and we can either exit based on which one was hit first, or use a quantity reduction of the trade and exit multiple times when we hit any of the levels.

This tool is for educational purpose only.

Its main purpose is to show the difference between having a risk management or without.
For example on this scenario of BTC USD 4h, I found out that the drawdawn was reduced by more than half when using different type of risk management, compared to not use one at all, while at the same time increasing the profits by a huge margin.

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