Price DEFI Categories against BTC & ETH

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/* Work in progress. The indicator is not finished. *\

The indicator shows the pricing of 3 DEFI categories against 2 possible baselines, BTC and ETH.

To do:
* Make a simple array in the source code to enter and remove new projects to the category. -> Maybe can also make it so that the source code does not have to be altered (projects can be added through input etc.)
* Adjust weightings depending on project data but this is not as important since weightings are being priced in by the market.
* Try to find a way to update input to string instead of booleans. As of currently, I could not seem to use input strings into plot functions because of an error.
* and more. Leave some feedback, that would be highly appreciated!
릴리즈 노트:

- Updated the title -> "DEFI against Majors" -> D.A.M 1.1
- Added subcategory 'Derivatives'
- Changed transparency (from 20 to 80) of the plot backgrounds
릴리즈 노트:
- Changed baseline default value to Ethereum
- Changed boolean input for baseline to choice between strings.
릴리즈 노트:

- Updated user input. Added boolean (true/false) to give the option to disable certain categories.
- Added comments to the source code so it is easier to read for people that want to mess around with it.
릴리즈 노트:

* Eco system mode
- Added most of the big DEFI projects from two spaces: Ethereum & Solana. I used the maps that can be found here: (https:// pentacle .ai)
- I chose to leave some out of the equation due to maturity of the chart; I can't really average a chart on 30 day lookback if it has just been listed 14 days capiche?

Compound, Harvest Finance, Yearn Finance, 0x, Aave, Badger DAO, Alpha Finance, Bancor Network, Curve Finance, Maker, Numeraire

Bonfida, Serum, Hxro

* Changed user input:
- Added seperators for convencience of sight/vision. Still debating whether I should leave or delete again.
- Added lookback (in days) as a reference point. Minimum value of 1 and maximum value of 30 days. On a lookback of 1 it is quite hard to react but you can spot new trends faster. Choose 30 lookback for a good overview of the last month. I advise to use inbetween 7 and 14 for optimal results.
- Added eco system mode which can be toggled on or off. Default value is off. What do you think? Should the indicator work from categories as a base or ecosystem as a base?
릴리즈 노트:
- Added new category 'liquid staking' containing $LDO, $FXS, $ANKR, $RPL & $STAFI
- Added $ALPACA to the 'lending/borrowing' category
- Added $GMX and $DYDX to the 'derivatives' category
- Added gradient coloring for better aesthetics :-)
- Fixed a bug where you could not disable single categories

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