All TimeFrame Oscillators

I have always fighted to understand the market direction because it looks different on different timeframes.
I wanted an indicator where I can see all the different timeframes at once.

This indicator shows already existing oscillators but not only in the current chart's timeframe, but all the most important higer timeframes at once.

I have started with the stoch, then added as many oscillators as I could.

Experimenting with this I have saw that confluence of 4H 1D and 1W Stoch can be very interesting and can highlight higher timeframe take profit areas and sometimes major tops/bottoms.
Also bounces can be interesting when a lower timeframe stoch is bounced or rejected from a higher one.

Stoch - Stochastic Oscillator
SMI - Stochastic Momentum Index
Rsi - Relative Strength Index
StochRsi - Stochastic RSI
WaveTrend - Vumanchu alias Market Cypher Wave Trend line
CCI - Commodity Channel Index
CCIStoch - Stochastic CCI
Williams Percent Range - Williams %R
Norm. MACD - Normalized Moving Average Convergence Divergence
Norm. MACD Hist - Normalized MACD Histogramm
PVT - Normalized Price Volume Trend
MFI - Money Flow Index
CMF - Chaikin Money Flow
Chande Momentum - Chande Momentum
Volume - Normalized Volume
CandleValue - Vumanchu alias Market Cypher MoneyFlow
BBWP - Bollinger Band Width Percentile

Line Type
Smooth: lines are smoothed, but the actualy not closed values are not shown
Step: Step lines, the actually open timeframes are calculated as they closed at the current values

Plot Oscillator or it's Slope:
its possible to not plot the oscillator but it's slope

Print dots when:
Cross Up/Down oversold/overbougt level - best for most oscillators. for example when Stoch crosses above 20 or below 80
Cross os/ob and the one higher TF is about to cross - when it's crosses beolw 80 and the higher timeframe oscillator is still above ans sloping down
Cross above/below middle line - for example on RSI being above or below 50 can be interesting

Print triangles when:
All Slope Match - all visible timeframe lines are pointing up or down at the same time
All above/belove middle line - all visible lines are above or belove the middle line
All above/belove middle line and slope match - like the previous one and the slope direction is the same
All above/below oversold/overbougt - all lines are above or below os/ ob. this is the default. it can be a very important confluence
Lower TF in order - 5, 15, 30, 60 minute timeframes are in order.
Higher TF in order - 4H 1D 1W in order (like 4H above 1D abd 1D above 1W). can be interesting at RSI
4H-1D in order - 4H 1D in order .

Print triangles
Print all triangles - print all triangles when the condition is met
Print only first triangles - only show when the condition starts to met
Print only last triangles - small triangles when the condition met first, large when last. tis is the default.

Timeframes to show:
You can turn on/off different timeframs to show or not from the list below:
1m 5m 15m 30m 1H 4H D 5D W M

This is for experimenting/ understanding the market direction on multiple timeframes at once.
Don't take it's signals (and any other indicator's) as exact trade signals. use it as confirmation instead.

Any comments, insights, ideas are welcome.

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