Big Whale Purchases and Sales

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Big Whale Purchases and Sales - plots big whale transactions on your chart!

People that hold more than 1% of a crypto currencies circulating supply are considered whales and have a huge influence on price, not just because they can move the market with their huge transactions, but also because other traders often track their wallets and follow their example. Taking a look at whale holdings, one can see why whale worship is so common in crypto: While Bitcoin has a relatively low whale concentration, many of the Top 100 Cryptocurrencies have whales control 60% or more of their circulating supply.
Integrating IntoTheBlock data, this script plots the transactions of these whales and, in strategy mode, copy trades them.

Strategy Mode: Switches the script between an indicator and a strategy.

Standard Deviations: The number of Standard Deviations that a transaction needs to surpass to be considered worth plotting. Setting this to 0 will show all whale transactions, higher settings will only show the biggest transactions.

Blockchain: The Chain on which Whale activity is tracked.
릴리즈 노트:
Replaced switch function with a string combinator.

Fixed rare issue where small purchases would show up as sales if both standard deviation bands had the same sign and vice versa.

Hidden display of 1/0 on status line when in plotshape mode.

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