To appreciate dear Mr.Khakestar efforts i have converted his mt4 ATR formula to pine script. All credits goes to him.

You can enable plots from the settings tab and then disable five first plots from the style tabs (finally save as default). Then you can view the ATR result of each candle in the past:
  • Green number is the HL range of the candle.
  • Red number is the ATR of the candle.
  • First black number is the ATR of the 4H chart.
  • Second black number is the ATR of the 1D chart.
  • Third black number is the ATR of the 1W chart.

What makes this ATR formula so different?
This formula invented by Mr.Khakestar and it shows the power of the price to move in each cycle of the chart. We can use it in RTM strategy and Price Action trading. To learn how to use it you need to learn TRex strategy (Presented by Mr.Khakestart for free in Persian).
릴리즈 노트: - New label function by RicardoSantos
- Crypto option added for 24H markets
릴리즈 노트: Bug Fixes
릴리즈 노트: Blue plot: Added last candle HL range again.
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Appreciate your efforts here and in top traders group man
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petpexel Mahdi0905
@Mahdi0905, how is it possible to join top traders group

Hi. @TopTradersGuide is our channel. Search in Telegram. ❤
Appreciated your works sir =D
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@ICEKI, My pleasure
Thanks a lot for your efforts
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Thanks Dear Shayan
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shayankm jtchart
@jtchart, Your Welcome dude
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Two suggestions :
1- Is it possible to move the whole panel to the left edge of the window and keep it there?
2- Please limit the number of decimals to the points, there is really no need for more precision beyond point value.
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