Smart Money Setup 06 [TradingFinder] Liquidity Sweeps + OB Swing


Smart Money, managed by large investors, injects significant capital into financial markets by entering real capital markets.

Capital entering the market by this group of individuals is called smart money. Traders can profit from financial markets by following such individuals.

Therefore, smart money can be considered one of the effective methods for analyzing financial markets.

Sometimes, before a market movement, fluctuation movements that create price movement cause many traders' "Stop Loss" to be triggered. These movements are created in various patterns.

One of these patterns is similar to an "Expanding Triangle", which touches the stop loss of individuals who have placed their stop loss in the cash area in the form of 5 consecutive openings.

To better understand this setup, pay attention to the images below.

Bullish Setup Details:

Bearish Setup Details:

🔵How to Use

After adding the indicator to the chart, wait for trading opportunities to appear. By changing the "Time Frame" and "Pivot Period", you can see different trading positions.

In general, the smaller the "Time Frame" and "Pivot Period", the more likely trading opportunities will appear.

Bullish Setup Details on Chart:

Bearish Setup Details on Chart:


You have access to "Pivot Period", "Order Block Refine", and "Refine Mode" through settings.

By changing the "Pivot Period", you can change the range of zigzag that identifies the setup.

Through "Order Block Refine", you can specify whether you want to refine the width of the order blocks or not. It is set to "On" by default.

Through "Refine Mode", you can specify how to improve order blocks.

If you are "risk-averse", you should set it to "Defensive" mode because in this mode, the width of the order blocks decreases, the number of your trades decreases, and the "reward-to-risk ratio "increases.

If you are on the opposite side and are "risk-taker", you can set it to "Aggressive" mode. In this mode, the width of the order blocks increases, and the likelihood of losing positions decreases.

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