Open Interest Oscillator

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In the middle of a bustling cryptocurrency market, with Bitcoin navigating a critical phase and the community hype over potential ETF approvals, current funding rates, and market leverage, the timing is optimal to harness the capabilities of sophisticated trading tools.

Meet the Open Interest Oscillator – special indicator tailored for the volatile arena of cryptocurrency trading. This powerful instrument is adept at consolidating open interest data from a multitude of exchanges, delivering an in-depth snapshot of market sentiment across all timeframes, be it a 1-minute sprint or a weekly timeframe.

This versatile indicator is compatible with nearly all cryptocurrency pairs, offering an expansive lens through which traders can gauge the market's pulse.

Key Features:
-- Multi-exchange Data Aggregation: This feature taps into the heart of the crypto market by aggregating open interest data from premier exchanges such as BINANCE, BITMEX, BITFINEX, and KRAKEN. It goes a step further by integrating data from various pairs and stablecoins, thus providing traders with a rich, multi-dimensional view of market activities.

-- Open Interest Bars: Witness the flow of market dynamics through bars that depict the volume of positions being opened or closed, offering a clear visual cue of trading behavior. In this mode, If bars are going into negative zone, then traders are closing their positions. If they go into positive territory - leveraged positions are being opened.

-- Bollinger Band Integration: Incorporate a layer of statistical analysis with standard deviation calculations, which frame the open interest changes, giving traders a quantified edge to evaluate the market's volatility and momentum.

-- Oscillator with Customizable Thresholds: Personalize your trading signals by setting thresholds that resonate with your unique trading tactics. This customization brings the power of tailored analytics to your strategic arsenal.

-- Max OI Ceiling Setting: In the fast-paced crypto environment where data can surge to overwhelming levels, the Max OI Ceiling ensures you maintain a clear view by capping the open interest data, thus preserving the readability and interpretability of information, even when market activity reaches feverish heights.

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As per request, I added alerts for crossing the upper and lower boundaries of the channel in both direction

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