Bitfinex BTC/ETH Open Interest

The Bitfinex Exchange is providing the Open Long and Short positions as data feeds in Tradingview. This information can be valuable in order to judge how the big players are positioned.

This indicator allows to analyze this Bitfinex Open Interest data for BTC and ETH. By default it shows the Total Open Interest (Longs + Shorts) in BTC . A 10 period EMA is applied to the data.

The following alternative displays are available:
- Show ETH instead of BTC
- Show Long positions separately
- Show Short Positions separately
- Show the results in USD (Number of coins multiplied by period closing price)
- Show RSI instead of absolute value (see below)

Instead of displaying the absolute value, it is possible to show the RSI (current default length is 20) to make the changes easier visible. If RSI display is selected, then the Overbought, Oversold and Middle Line are shown automatically. Additionally a histogram is displayed which shows the difference between the RSI and the EMA of the RSI .
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