Wedge Maker

This tool is used to draw wedges . Traders can choose which pivot points to draw lines from in settings. Wedge Maker does not automatically detect current wedge and is required to be tweaked in settings.
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차트에 이 스크립트를 사용하시겠습니까?


very well done, thanks for sharing
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veryfid dgtrd
@dgtrd, Cheers, much appreciated.
this is great. thanks.

just for sh!ts and giggles, how would you recode this to form a broadening wedge?
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veryfid phshbone
@phshbone, Hi, you just need to select the pivots to draw the lines from in settings:

This is ONE 4 hr chart - Upper pivots from 6 to 3 and lower pivots from 8 to 3
Easiest way is to scroll through the pivots until it lands where you want. Good luck
phshbone veryfid
@veryfid, thanks!greatly appreciated
Which is de setting you used for the one in the picture (please forgive my bad english)
veryfid mentalBook25495
@mentalBook25495, Looks like the default settings. You need to change the settings for each wedge. make the length 5, 10 or 20 to pick up smaller pivots. Then scroll through the pivot numbers until it is where you want it.
Very useful indicator .... Thanks for sharing
(can be great as trendlines too)
veryfid fannytradz
@fannytradz, Hi, thanks for the comment. You can turn off the top line by setting the draw upper pivot from number to 0. Happy trading.