Candlestick Patterns Strategy (revisited)

This strategy is used as a benchmark to see how it compares with other strategies posted by me recently. In all, the below collection of candlestick patterns appears to be one of the best among the ones that can be found here, imho.

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awesome work!!!
@MRKCHAMPION, thx a lot)
UPD: add this piece of code right before the Strategy section to display doji.

//*** Doji Add-on
dsize = input(0.05, "Doji size", minval=0.01, step=.01)
doji=(abs(open - close) <= (high - low) * dsize)
plotshape(open > close and doji, title="Doji", style=shape.cross, location=location.abovebar, size=size.tiny,, transp=20)
plotshape(open < close and doji, title="Doji", style=shape.cross, location=location.belowbar, size=size.tiny,, transp=20)
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