On Balance Volume Crossovers

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Check on balance volume but with crossover. You can choose the smoothing method, which is set by default to use the Volume Weighted Moving Average (bringing volume to the equation is always a good idea) but you can change to SMA, MA, EMA, ...

Hope you guys enjoy it and don't forget to rate it up! :)

I plan to include % from 0-100 OBV in here later! Stay tuned.

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릴리즈 노트:

Just added another MA (longer one) to support for longer time-frame / TF based on a multiplier that you can apply to your smoothing length on your favorite type of MA.

For example, if you are using Smoothing Length of 30. A multiplier of 3 (default) means that the longer smoothing line will me use 30 * 3 ()

If you prefer not to use this settings, you can just disable the multiplier via settings. :)


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