Dividend Calendar (Zeiierman)

The Dividend Calendar is a financial tool designed for investors and analysts in the stock market. Its primary function is to provide a schedule of expected dividend payouts from various companies.

Dividends, which are portions of a company's earnings distributed to shareholders, represent a return on their investment. This calendar is particularly crucial for investors who prioritize dividend income, as it enables them to plan and manage their investment strategies with greater effectiveness. By offering a comprehensive overview of when dividends are due, the Dividend Calendar aids in informed decision-making, allowing investors to time their purchases and sales of stocks to optimize their dividend income. Additionally, it can be a valuable tool for forecasting cash flow and assessing the financial health and dividend-paying consistency of different companies.

How to Use
Dividend Yield Analysis:
By tracking dividend growth and payouts, traders can identify stocks with attractive dividend yields. This is particularly useful for income-focused investors who prioritize steady cash flow from their investments.

Income Planning:
For those relying on dividends as a source of income, the calendar helps in forecasting income.

Trend Identification:
Analyzing the growth rates of dividends helps in identifying long-term trends in a company's financial health. Consistently increasing dividends can be a sign of a company's strong financial position, while decreasing dividends might signal potential issues.

Portfolio Diversification:
The tool can assist in diversifying a portfolio by identifying a range of dividend-paying stocks across different sectors. This can help mitigate risk as different sectors may react differently to market conditions.

Timing Investments:
For those who follow a dividend capture strategy, this indicator can be invaluable. It can help in timing the buying and selling of stocks around their ex-dividend dates to maximize dividend income.

How it Works
This script is a comprehensive tool for tracking and analyzing stock dividend data. It calculates growth rates, monthly and yearly totals, and allows for custom date handling. Structured to be visually informative, it provides tables and alerts for the easy monitoring of dividend-paying stocks.

  • Data Retrieval and Estimation: It fetches dividend payout times and amounts for a list of stocks. The script also estimates future values based on historical data.
  • Growth Analysis: It calculates the average growth rate of dividend payments for each stock, providing insights into dividend consistency and growth over time.
  • Summation and Aggregation: The script sums up dividends on a monthly and yearly basis, allowing for a clear view of total payouts.
  • Customization and Alerts: Users can input custom months for dividend tracking. The script also generates alerts for upcoming or current dividend payouts.
  • Visualization: It produces various tables and visual representations, including full calendar views and income tables, to display the dividend data in an easily understandable format.


  • Description: This setting allows the user to specify the currency in which dividend values are displayed. By default, it's set to USD, but users can change it to their local currency.
  • Impact: Changing this value alters the currency denomination for all dividend values displayed by the script.

Ex-Date or Pay-Date:
  • Description: Users can select whether to show the Ex-dividend day or the Actual Payout day.
  • Impact: This changes the reference date for dividend data, affecting the timing of when dividends are shown as due or paid.

Estimate Forward:
  • Description: Enables traders to predict future dividends based on historical data.
  • Impact: When enabled, the script estimates future dividend payments, providing a forward-looking view of potential income.

Dividend Table Design:
  • Description: Choose between viewing the full dividend calendar, just the cumulative monthly dividend, or a summary view.
  • Impact: This alters the format and extent of the dividend data displayed, catering to different levels of detail a user might require.

Show Dividend Growth:
  • Description: Users can enable dividend growth tracking over a specified number of years.
  • Impact: When enabled, the script displays the growth rate of dividends over the selected number of years, providing insight into dividend trends.

Customize Stocks & User Inputs:
  • This setting allows users to customize the stocks they track, the number of shares they hold, the dividend payout amount, and the payout months.
  • Impact: Users can tailor the script to their specific portfolio, making the dividend data more relevant and personalized to their investments.


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