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The Litigator is an indicator that encapsulates the value delivered by the Relative Strength Index , Ultimate Oscillator , Stochastic and Money Flow Index algorithms to produce signals enabling users to enter positions in ideal market conditions. The Litigator integrates the value delivered by the above four algorithms into one script.

This indicator is handy when trading continuation/reversal divergence strategies in conjunction with price action.

The Litigator's uniqueness stands from integrating the above algorithms into the same visual area and leveraging preconfigured parameters suitable for short term scalping (1-5 minutes).

In addition, the Litigator allows configuring the above four algorithms in such a way to coordinate signals by colour-coding or shape thickness to aid the user with identifying any emerging patterns quicker.

Furthermore, Moonshot's uniqueness is also reflected in the way it has standardised the outputs of each algorithm to look and feel the same, and in doing so, enabling users to plug them in/out as needed. This also includes ensuring the ratios of the shapes are similar (applicable to the same scale).

The indicator uses the following open-source scripts/algorithms:
릴리즈 노트:
Updated indicator title (short vs long form to be consistent with the other indicators).
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