Macd Divergence + MTF EMA

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MACD Divergence + Multi Time Frame EMA
This Strategy uses 3 indicators: the Macd and two emas in different time frames
The configuration of the strategy is:
Macd standar configuration (12, 26, 9) in 1H resolution
10 periods ema , in 1H resolution
5 periods ema , in 15 minutes resolution

We use the two emas to filter for long and short positions.
If 15 minutes ema is above 1H ema , we look for long positions
If 15 minutes ema is below 1H ema , we look for short positions

We can use an aditional filter using a 100 days ema , so when the 15' and 1H emas are above the daily ema we take long positions
Using this filter improves the strategy

We wait for Macd indicator to form a divergence between histogram and price
If we have a bullish divergence , and 15 minutes ema is above 1H ema , we wait for macd line to cross above signal line and we open a long position
If we have a bearish divergence, and 15 minutes ema is below 1H ema , we wait for macd line to cross below signal line and we open a short position

We close both position after a cross in the oposite direction of macd line and signal line
Also we can configure a Take profit parameter and a trailing stop loss
릴리즈 노트:
Updates on this strategy
  • Update to PineScript v5
  • Bug Fixes
  • Repainting Fix
  • Alert function for opening a position
  • Labels on chart when a position is open

We are happy to announce that we will be updating our scripts, adding new indicators and strategies that we've been working on and publishing trading ideas

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