Boom Hunter Pro

Boom Hunter Pro is the ultimate indicator for targeting perfect long entries and epic shorts. Boom Hunter comes with a super fast oscillator that uses Ehlers Early Onset Trend ( EOT ). This is the Center Of Gravity Oscillator (COG) with a super smoothing filter and a roofing filter. This indicator is tuned for 1 hour charts but can be used on any time frame.
Colored bars can be turned on to assist in finding an entry. Purple signifies a drag and potential dump.
Fibonacci lines can be turned on to track price action and find entries/exit.
This indicator follows the same rules as COG. For more information please see my COG HOWTO here:
릴리즈 노트: Tweaked the price line to assist in entries: Line will now turn lime as soon as there is a crossover.
Added extra alerts:
-Crossover and crossunder with pressure (green/red dots).
-Crossover and crossunder at market low or at market high (white line at top or bottom of indicator) .
-Overbought orange and red.
릴리즈 노트: *** Version 1.02 ***
Now includes a downward boom line, Its the same as the yellow line but for finding tops and short entries.
Ive only included one type of short signal for now to avoid the indicator lighting up like a Christmas tree.
There is also an option to square the lines which helps filter out noise. The examples below both show indicator with downward boom line turned on and short entries turned on. The bottom Indicator also has square lines tuned on. Please note that these options are still in development stages but I thought I would release it for now as nothing helps progress like feedback from people actually using it. Next release will feature more short signals and general bug fixes.
릴리즈 노트: *** Version 1.021 ***
Minor update: Default settings now include square lines, downward booms and short signals.
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Hi, thank you so much for your effort. I am using your indicator and I have to say it is one of the best ones. Please keep updating it!
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veryfid BTO_mg
@BTO_mg, Cheers! Great to hear you like it and thanks for these coins. More updates to come...
thanks a ton for this.
500 코인
veryfid vaibhavp
@vaibhavp, Hi, thanks for the coins!
Have fun!
just want to express my appreciation for all your killer scripts and willingness to teach people. looking forward to more!
500 코인
veryfid claw83
@claw83, Cheers! Thanks for the kind words and the coins, much appreciated.
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smshesms smshesms
@smshesms, can you please solve the re-paint issue , in this scrip
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veryfid smshesms
@smshesms, Hi, thanks for the coins! As far as the repaint issue Ive got it set like this on purpose. Waiting for confirmation slows the signals down a whole bar. I like to enter at first sign of boom to get earliest entry with best risk reward rate. Waiting a bar on hourly or longer charts means you can miss out on some serious margin and end up with a lousy entry.
There are so many smart people and you are one of them..!
How the hell can you program something liks this..!
I find it incredible..
Thank you for sharring all your hard work with us..
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