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The main concept and features of this script are adapted from Mark Whistler's book "Volatility Illuminated". I have deviated from the use cases and strategies presented in the book, but the 3 Bollinger Bands use his optimized settings as the default length and standard deviation multiplier. Further insights into Mark's concepts and volatility research were gained by reading and watching some of TV user DadShark's materials (

This script has been through many refinements and feature cycles, and I've added unrelated complimentary features not present in the book. The indicator is better studied than described, and unless you have read the book, any short summary of the material will just make you squint and think about the wrong things.

Here is a limited outline of features and concepts:

1. 3 Bollinger Bands of different length and/or deviation multiplier. Perhaps think of them as representing the various time frames that compression and expansion cycles and events manifest in, and also the expression of range, speed and price distribution within those time frames. You can gain insight into the magnitude of events based on how the three bands interact and stay contained, or not. If volatility is significant enough, all "time frames" represented by the bands will eventually record the event and subsequent price action, but the early signals will come from the spasms of the shortest, most volatile band. Many times the short band will contract again before, or just as it reaches a longer band, but in extreme cases, volatility will explode and all bands at all time frames will erupt in succession. In these cases you will see additional color representing shorter bands (lower time frame volatility in concept) traveling outside of longer bands. It is worth taking a look at the price levels and candles where these volatility bands cross each other.

2. In addition to the mean of the bands, there are a variety of other moving averages available to gauge trend, range, and areas of interest. This is accomplished with variable VWAP, ATR, smoothing, and a special derived loosely from the difference between them.

3. The bands are also used to derive conditions under which volatility is considered compressed, or in "squeeze" . Under these conditions the candles will turn yellow. Depending on your chart settings and indicator settings, these zones can be completely useless or drag on through fairly significant price action. Or, the can give you fantastic levels to watch for breakouts. The point is that volatility is compressed during these conditions, and you should expect the inevitable once this condition ends. Sometimes you can find yourself in a nice fat trend straight away, other times you may blow an account because you gorged your position based on arbitrary bar color. It's not like that. Pay attention to the highest and lowest bars of these squeeze ranges, and carefully observe future price action when it returns to these squeeze ranges. This info is more and more valuable at higher time frames.

The 3 bands, a smoothed long trend VWAP, and the squeeze condition colored bars are all active by default. All features can be shown or hidden on the control panel.

There are some deep market insights to mine if you live with this one for a while. As with any indicator, blunt "buy/sell here" approaches will lead to loss and frustration. however, if you pay attention to squeeze range, band/moving average confluence, high volume and/or large range candles their open/close behavior around these areas and squeeze ranges, you will start to catch the beginning of some powerful momentum moves.

릴리즈 노트:
- Purged some unused code
- Corrected naming discrepancies
- Aligned some things
릴리즈 노트:
- Scrubbed name

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