MAster Gold Strategy

Version 3 for you guys, just add to favorites and you can use.

Only 36 trades since 2017, since that is when the backtesting began.

I made the commission more realistic, now it is about 37 pips per trade.

Only works on gold , ( XAUUSD ).

Trend Following as you can see.

1 contract size, 1 trade at a time, good proof of how being correct less than a third of the time can still bring you in a lot of profits.

Essentially, the net profit will be close to $8000, or 80%, as a long position on XAUUSD is currently running, and when it is closed, the profit will go up.

Imagine that, 72% profit on your account in 3 months?

(Hint: add the indicator to your favs, pull up the 30 minute gold chart)

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