This indicator is made up of a stochastic oscillator and of historical volatility percentile. Historical volatility percentile basically tells you how volatile the market is based on how volatile it has been in the history.

Historical volatility is great for trading options but i have also found it to be great at finding trades with good risk/reward ratio. When market has extremely low volatility we can expect a bigger move to emerge along with expansion of volatility . But since historical volatility does not imply the direction of the market i added a stochastic oscillator with some horizontal levels i have found to serve as good support/resistance levels.

I found it useful for trading Forex pairs but it is especially powerful with bitcoin .
릴리즈 노트: The HVP idea belongs to Balipour who should be thanked for such an amazing indicator. Go check out his stuff because he really is taking technical analysis to the next level.
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