BFXLS - Bitfinex Longs vs. Shorts [compatible on any chart]

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This is an edit to an existing script. Original credits to pigloo and Ivturner for the slight tweak.

What's been changed:

This version allows Bitfinex $BTC longs/shorts to be viewed on any chart. It can be helpful when trading alts to find out why price is fluctuating.

I've added a price tracker that will show you BFX's BTCUSD value if you have indicator values on. It doesn't deviate much from the base, so there's not much point in having it visible. You can edit visibility or turn it off.

Enables editing of any ticker of your choice, but references to short and long are made in input to prevent confusion. I haven't had much use for this yet; you can use it as a price graph if you disable everything except for Ticker 3.

From pigloo's script:

Green area = Longs
Red area = Shorts
Lighter area = Longs - Shorts

The data only started recently which is why there is not much history, also I have marked a period of missing data between the vertical lines.

Poorly made example of price tracking;
릴리즈 노트:
Visual needs work but I think it gives more easier to read information. Green tick -> longs over shorts increased
릴리즈 노트:
Bar close color based on positive or negative net margin volume.

Blue area: long volume
white area: short volume
릴리즈 노트:
Updated to include a lot more stuff.

- Now any pairing on Bitfinex is available to view
- Area, columns, or lines style

Note that columns style uses moving averages to help better visualize changes in long/short volume and aren't 100% accurate.

My published indicators:

Sorry if I haven't replied to your message yet, I'm a bit backlogged :)
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