ICT Killzones [LuxAlgo]

This script highlights ICT Killzones on the chart along with Fibonacci retracements constructed from each Killzone's price range, allowing traders to find more optimal entries.


Killzone Retracements

  • Show Retracements: Determines whether Fibonacci retracements are displayed on the chart.
  • Extend: Determines if the retracements are extended outside the Killzone.
  • Reverse: Switches the maximum and minimum levels for the calculation of the retracements.

Other settings allow disabling as well as changing the retracement value and color.


Killzones are introduced by forex trader ICT and represent different time intervals that aims at offering optimal trade entries. Killzones include:

  • New York Killzone (7:9 ET)
  • London Open Killzone (2:5 ET)
  • London Close Killzone (10:12 ET)
  • Asian Killzone (20:00 ET)

Note that using timeframes superior to 1h can highlight incorrect intervals

Fibonacci retracements on an active Killzone are subject to changes, if no Killzones are active then the associated Fibonacci retracements will stay at their current level.

Disabling specific Killzones while having extended retracements will allow them to extend further. In the image above the New York and Asian Killzones are disabled.

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