RSI CCI Correlating Oscillator (RCCO) by empowerT

RCCO is pronounced "ree-koh" or "rico".

The RCCO is simply the plot of the values of both the RSI and CCI added together.

The RCCO makes some adjustments though, so that both the RSI and the CCI will fit correctly on the same scale - and so that these adjustments for scale allow reversals to be detected at crossings.

When the CCI crosses from underneath to up above the RSI, this is usually a bullish reversal. Alternatively, when the CCI crosses from above to back under the RSI, that usually signals a bearish trend. Look for the widest swings you can find to ensure good momentum. The larger the volume, the clearer and more decisive the trends. Low volume will lead to ranging and lazy momentum. High volume will create clear and forceful trends. The lowest negative RCCO in a timeframe, and then add some high volume... and you have yourself a good setup for a successful trade.

Because the RSI and CCI are adjusted, you may not recognize their values from having used the respective indicators on their own. The RSI and CCI values are less important. What matters with this indicator are the crossings and the RCCO value. The RCCO value should be negative, preferably, a deeply negative value. Look at the historical chart for the target per your selected timeframe and decide what values work for you.

I hope you enjoy the RCCO and that it can help you become a little más RICO!

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