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This is Part 1 of 2 from the 42MACRO Recreation Series
The CE - 42MACRO Equity Factor Table is a whole toolbox packaged in a single indicator.
It aims to provide a probabilistic insight into the market realized GRID Macro Regime, use a multiplex of important Assets and Indices to form a high probability Implied Correlation expectation and allows to derive extra market insights by showing the most important aggregates and their performance over multiple timeframes... and what that might mean for the whole market direction, as well as the underlying asset.

By the nature of the macro regimes, the outcomes are more accurate over longer Chart Timeframes (Week to Months).
However, it is also a valuable tool to form a proper,
market realized, short to medium term bias.
This Indicator is intended to be used alongside the 2nd part "CE - 42MACRO Yield and Macro"
for a more wholistic approach and higher accuracy.
Due to coding limitations they can not be merged into one Indicator.

The Equity Factor Table tracks specifically chosen Assets to identify their performance and add the combined performances together to visualize 42MACRO's GRID Equity Model.
For this it uses the below Assets, with more to come:


1. Correlations
  • Takes a measure of Cross Market Correlations

    2. Implied Trend
  • Calculates the trend for each Asset and uses the Correlation to obtain the Implied Trend for the underlying Asset
  • There are multiple functionalities to enhance Signal Speed and precision...
  • Reading a signal only over a certain threshold, otherwise being colored in gray to signal noise or unclear market behavior
  • Normalization of Signal
  • Double Normalization of Signal for more Speed... ideal for the Crypto Market
  • Using an additional Hull Moving Average to enhance Signal Speed
  • Additional simple Background coloring to get a Signal from the HMA
  • Barcoloring based on the Implied Correlation

    3. Equity Factor Table
  • Shows market realized Asset performance
  • Provides the approximate realized GRID market regimes
  • Informs about "Risk ON" and "Risk OFF" market states

Now into the juicy stuff...
There is a variety of options to change visual settings of what is plotted and where
+ additional considerations.
Everything that is relevant in the underlying logic which can improve comprehension can be visualized with these options.
More to come

Market Correlation:
The Market Correlation Table takes the Correlation of all the Assets to the Asset on the Chart,
it furthermore uses the Normalized KAMA Oscillator by IkkeOmar to analyse the current trend of every single Asset.
(To enhance the Signal you can apply the mentioned Indicator on the relevant Assets to find your target Asset movements that you intend to capture...
and then change the length of the Indicator in here)
It then Implies a Correlation based on the Trend and the Correlation to give a probabilistically adjusted expectation for the future Chart Asset Movement.
This is strengthened by taking the average of all Implied Trends.
Thus the Correlation Table provides valuable insights about probabilistically likely Movement of the Asset over the defined time duration,
providing alpha for Traders and Investors alike.

Equity Factors:
The table provides valuable information about the current market environment (whether it's risk on or risk off),
the rough GRID models from 42MACRO and the actual market performance.
This allows you to obtain a deeper understanding of how the market works and makes it simple to identify the actual market direction,
makes it possible to derive overall market Health and shows market strength or weakness.

The Equity Factor Table is divided in 4 Sections which are the GRID regimes:

Economic Growth:
  • Goldilocks
  • Reflation

Economic Contraction:
  • Inflation
  • Deflation

Top 5 Equity Factors:
Are the values green for a specific Column?
If so then the market reflects the corresponding GRID behavior.

Bottom 5 Equity Factors:
Are the values red for a specific Column?
If so then the market reflects the corresponding GRID behavior.

So if we have Goldilocks as current regime we would see green values in the Top 5 Goldilocks Cells and red values in the Bottom 5 Goldilocks Cells.
You will find that Reflation will look similar, as it is also a sign of Economic Growth.
Same is the case for the two Contraction regimes.

This whole Indicator, as well as the second part, is based to a majority on 42MACRO's models.
I only brought them into TV and added things on top of it.

If you have questions or need a more in-depth guide DM me.
Will make a guide to all functionalities if necessity becomes apparent.

릴리즈 노트:
Updated UI

And provided a little guide on how to use it and what it does:
릴리즈 노트:
fixed some little bugs and improved accuracy of underlying functions
릴리즈 노트:
description fix
릴리즈 노트:
updated picture

No statements or claims aim to be financial advice,
neither are any signals from us or our indicators.

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