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The "Pivot Support & Resistance" indicator is designed to help traders identify and visualize key support and resistance levels based on pivot points. It calculates and plots lines representing these levels on a price chart. This indicator's concept is rooted in the idea that pivot points can act as significant price reference points, which can be instrumental in making trading decisions.


Pivot Period: Users can customize the period for calculating pivot points. This period determines how many bars are considered when calculating support and resistance levels.

Maximum Lines: The indicator allows traders to set a maximum number of support and resistance lines that will be displayed. When the maximum is reached, older lines are removed to keep the chart uncluttered.

Line Colors and Width: Users can choose the colors and width for both the support and resistance lines to tailor the indicator's appearance to their preferences.

Use Case:
The "Pivot Support & Resistance" indicator is beneficial for traders who employ pivot points in their technical analysis and trading strategies. It aids in identifying potential reversal and breakout levels, which can inform trading decisions. Traders can use this indicator to:

Identify key price levels: The indicator highlights significant support and resistance levels based on pivot points.

Plan entries and exits: Traders can incorporate these levels into their trading strategies to make more informed decisions about when to enter or exit trades.

Manage risk: Knowing where support and resistance levels are can help traders set stop-loss and take-profit orders more effectively.

This indicator simplifies the process of identifying and visualizing pivot-based support and resistance levels, making it a valuable tool for traders who rely on these levels in their technical analysis. It helps streamline the decision-making process and enhances overall trading effectiveness.
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