█ Overview.
This indicator is based on a calculation method made using a ichimoku and Fibonacci.
There are two lines, the upper line is the upper limit and the lower line is the lower limit.

These upper and lower limits are drawn ahead of 26 candles, just like Ichimoku.

█ Role.
The characteristic of this indicator is that
When prices reach the upper limit, they usually hesitate or try to fall, and when they reach the lower limit, they usually rebound or hesitate.
In particular, it has an excellent effect on low-point purchases.

Of course, it is often not the case, so you have to observe the speed and movement of the decline carefully, and it can be more effective if applied with the Elliot wave or harmonic.

It can also be more effective if used with rsi or macd bowling bands.

█ Memo.
It applies to all four-hour bong, three-hour bong, one-bong, and main bong.
It is important to keep studying and observing. This can give you the ability to capture the upward transition after hitting the lower limit.

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