Price Change Alerts

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This purpose of this indicator script is to reduce time traders spend staring on the charts.
For example if you're trading BTCUSD you can set alerts to be trigered by desired delta amount, for example 50. Then you can receive push notifications on your phone (need to install the tradinview app) and on your desktop computer every time price changes by amount of 50. Simple and easy.

To enable alerts do this:
- Click on alerts clock icon in top right corner of the screen
- Click on "Create alert button"
- In Condition dropdown select "alerts"
- In the next dropdown select "Any alert function() call" and click on "Create" button

Script uses repainting on purpose to display daily percentage changes since the previous day's closing and to triger alerts.
릴리즈 노트:
some bug fixes regarding not correctly displaying previous week's closing line in some scenarios
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