Round Numbers and Quarter Levels

This script is based on "Round Numbers Above and Below" by BitcoinJesus-Not-Roger-Ver, but unlike this script that only shows "Round Numbers" levels, my script also shows "Quarter Number" levels like 25 and 75 that are very important for those who follow the quarters theory.
Also the original script doesn't have different colors for different levels while my script has different colors and different styles for every level, this way it will be much easyer to recognize the levels at first sight.
Finally the origianl script only works with Forex while my script also works with indexes like SP500 and others.

Round Numbers are very important psychological levels in trading but also quarters levels (25 and 75) have a huge importance, so I created this script that shows all these levels with different colors and different lines style.
You can edit the color and the style of the lines as you wish and you can add all the levels you want.
In 1 hour chart 4 levels is usually enough but if you watch a daily chart then 8 levels is way better.


Personalize color to 00 round levels
Personalize color to 50 round levels
Personalize color to Quarters levels

Personalize line style to 00 round levels
Personalize line style to 50 round levels
Personalize line style to Quarters levels

Choose number of lines above and below price level (4 is default)
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