DoubleTrendCloud(DTC) Strategy

Hello, everyone.

We try to publish a strategy for Bitcoin named 'DoubleTrendCloud( DTC ) Strategy'.

It is largely based on the 'Supertrend strategy' and 'Supertrend Cloud Strategy' published by 'jhanson107'.

What we did here is just some modification for the current Bitcoin trend. It is based on a 4 hour time period.

In short, it utilizes two pairs of trend lines: short period trend and long period trend.

  • When the long period trend was broken upward, we do not have short position, but only long position according to the short period trend.

  • On the other hand, the long period trend was broken downward, we do not have long position, but only short position according to the short period trend.

The messages for the position:
  • long: open your long position
  • short: open your short position
  • Close entry(s) order long: close your long position
  • Close entry(s) order short: close your short position

As a result, this DTC Strategy guarantees higher profit and lower risk than the original supertrend strategy.
(Total profit and the maximum risk from Jan. 1. 2018 ->
(a) Supertrend (Multiplier= 2/period= 7): Total profit: 843%, the maximum risk: 39.38%
(b) Supertrend (Multiplier= 7/period= 4): Total profit: 370%, the maximum risk: 37.18%
(c) DoubleTrendCloud: Total profit: 1487%, the maximum risk: 24.25%)
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