ETS MA Deviation Extremes

While trading, I noticed that emphasis is often placed on how far price has moved from the moving average (whichever a trader prefers). In these cases I also found that Bollinger Bands only sometimes played a factor in determining whether price had moved "too far" from the moving average to potentially result in a sharp move back to the average.

Because I wanted something more objective than a "gut feeling" that price has moved away from the average enough to make it move back, I decided to see what I could do to determine the standard deviation of how price action moved away from the average, in order to determine when it could potentially have a "rubber band effect" to jump back to the "norm". The result of that is the ETS MA Deviation Extremes indicator, and I hope that it will help you in your trading.

The indicator also has bar coloring included, which can be turned off, which gives a good on-chart visual to warn you that the price action might reverse. This has often helped me to be a bit more cautious before just jumping into a trade that might be on the brink of reversing and taking my position out, and it actually turned out to be a good indicator for a reversal trade strategy.

The histogram bars give an indication of how far the price has moved away from the average, and I look for a potential reversal as soon as the histograms move back inside the deviation lines after having been outside it. The bar coloration actually depend on more than one set of deviation lines, but putting all of that on the chart just makes it confusing, so I removed the ones that I felt were not essential to make it clearer.

I hope it helps you in your trading and makes it easier for you to trade successfully!

Doing what I can to help people trade better. Past performance doesn't guarantee future results. Trade at your own risk. This is not financial advice, it is personal opinion, I'm not a financial adviser. I may have a stake in what I write about.
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