Intraday Power 3 Visual


This indicator draws a dynamic "Open High Low Close" type visual on intraday charts so the trader can easily keep track of the daily/weekly movement. This indicator was inspired by the Inner Circle Trader’s (ICT) “Power 3” concept, which is Accumulation, Manipulation, and Distribution of price on a daily timeframe .


This indicator plots the chosen timeframes opening price along with a live line for the current price. This makes it very easy to identify the daily/weekly range along it’s open. And the user can combine this indicator with my other indicator “Futures Exchange Sessions” to plot the midnight EST & 8:30 AM EST lines to get a great summation of over night price action.

Inputs and Style

In the Input section the user can dynamically switch between Daily and Weekly timeframes. Built in ability to move the entire Visual to the right makes preventing indicator overlap a breeze. All of the lines can be configured: color, style, and width. Independently toggle ON/OFF the Power 3 labels (Accumulation, Manipulation, Range Extension, Distribution) and can change labels color. The labels dynamically move and switch positions based upon bear or bull daily/weekly range.

Special Notes

The Futures market is open 23/5. It is closed everyday for 1-hour at 5pm EST and closed over the weekends. Because this Intraday Power 3 Visual is drawing in the 'future' on the users TradingView chart, when the visual is close or in a time when the market is closed, the visual doesn't behave properly. This is because TradingView doesn't display times when the Market is closed, thus the drawings cannot be displayed during those times. There is nothing wrong with the script. Please wait until the Market is open and the visual will be drawn normally.

This indicator is intended for use in the Futures Market
릴리즈 노트: Added option in Settings that will draw left side horizontal line either at the midnight EST open or daily open. (If time is prior to midnight EST open, the line will be drawn at the daily open and change to midnight EST line when times crosses that threshold.)
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