Range Candles

An easy-peasy way to replace OHLC bars with candles on Range Bars chart. For further improvement you could also make "Up Bars" and "Down Bars" colors transparent (open Range Bars chart settings, do the change and save as default).

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Hi, could you improve this indicator to include the most recent bar being printed in the live market when overlaid on the Tradingview range bars. I notice this current version starts at the second to last bar -fully closed-and not the one currently in print (the last bar). Cheers. This indicator is great however.
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everget Traberry
@Traberry, Hi, thank you for the feedback. I will take a look
Traberry everget
@everget, Thanks bro. I have been looking for something like this for a while now. I find it odd that Tradingview doesn't allow the bars to plot as candles even as an option. Your improvement is worthy of a donation. Cheers.
KTone everget
@everget, you might try the code to

recalculate: on every tick
That worked with several of my indicators
No words to thank you man. 👌👍👍👍
+1 응답
@SIVAPRATHA, you are welcome
thank you verry much, you are a life saver
+1 응답
everget mlouah7
@mlouah7, no problem
hope this idea work.thanks
+1 응답
Yes!! Thanks!!
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