[Suitable Hope] Crypto Marketcap Dominance Overview

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The Crypto Marketcap Dominance Overview indicator is a simple yet very useful indicator that aims at helping traders identify where the crypto liquidity is flowing. The indicator uses Cryptocap's real time crypto marketcap dominance data (in %) between several key categories:

- Bitcoin
- True total 2 (altcoins and Ethereum excluding the top 3 biggest stablecoins)
- True total 3 (altcoins excl. Ethereum and the top 3 biggest stablecoins)
- Ethereum
- Stablecoins
- Defi.

The indicator works across all timeframes but is best used on the default daily timeframe to identify changes in liquidity trends between the different categories. More categories can be expected to be added in the future; depending on Cryptocap's available data.

Traders or users of this indicator have a selections of options:

- Choose a dedicated timeframe
- Turn on/off the individual categories they wish to use
- Turn on/off labels
- Change global colour coding of each category and label
- Activate or deactive the 0 to 100% bands

Although there are a couple of similar indicators trying to do something similar, I tend to find them lacking clarity. I coded this indicator to provide a more simple and clearer view of the crypto marketcap dominance. I hope you find this indicator helpful.

Happy trading and good luck!
릴리즈 노트:
Added more altcoin dominance tickers (mainly L1s) to choose from:

- Solana
- Cardano
- Avalanche
- Binance Chain
- Polkadot
- Cosmos
- Near Protocol
- Injective Protocol

Altcoins have a significantly lower marketcap dominance compared to Bitcoin, Ethereum and of course totals. It is therefore recommended to use these by deselecting the bigger marketcap tickers for a better overview. You can do this in the option settings of the indicator. I personally use this new addition to identify L1 blockchains that are in strong uptrends or downtrends.
릴리즈 노트:
Minor code fix and spelling mistakes
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