NNFX Baseline Script - Moving Averages

Credits to @Fractured

Adapted the "Many Moving Averages" script to VP's NNFX No Nonsense Forex method.

- ATR bands and labels
- Price is > 1 ATR away from baseline indication

Without ATR Bands and bar colors

Available MAs
"ALMA", "EMA", "DEMA", "TEMA", "WMA", "VWMA", "SMA", "SMMA", "HMA", "Kijun", "McGinley"
릴리즈 노트: Corrected list of MA.
릴리즈 노트: Made changes to how ATR is calc, using RMA and displayed.

Changed to white plots to gray, to be more universal across Dark and Light mode.
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Hi, thank you for creating this script. How do we know when Price is > 1 ATR away from baseline indication ? I can’t see how the script shows us that? Thanks
jiehonglim Easyfx1
@Easyfx1, Hi you should be able to see those grey dots along the baseline.
How do I download it for meta4?
Great indicator. Thanks for making it.
Hello, I'm new here, please how do I go about downloading and implementing this signal into my Android mt4?
Could you please explain how to use the indicator? Thanks
steve_biz danieldottavio
@danieldottavio, it's based on the NNFX style of trading. If you're not familiar with that, it can't really be explained in a few short sentences, especially since the baseline is only part of the deal. You might want to look it up on Youtube.
Awesome stuff bro!
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