Dump Detector - Stochastic RSI

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Dump Detecter uses Stochastic RSI to detect dumps/downtrends. Can be used as an exit trigger for long bots or an entry trigger for short bots. Change settings to lower timeframe for scalping. Pump signals can be turned on with tickbox.

Default Settings are not the usual Stochastic RSI setup and have been tuned to bitcoin 3hr chart:
Timeframe = 3hrs
smoothK = 3
smoothD = 3
lengthRSI = 6
lengthStoch = 27
src = close
릴리즈 노트:
Added a range filter for pump and dump detection, It was set to only pickup crossovers/crossunders over the 50 line on the Stochastic RSI indicator. Now default settings is to pick up all crosses. To use those old settings adjust "crossover/under must be greater than" to 50. Traders can choose to only pickup dump signals when Stochastic is overbought by making min value 80 and max value 100. Likewise for the opposite detecting pumps only in oversold range by setting min value to 0 and max value to 20.

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