Key Levels Set

Key Levels Set allows to set key levels as comma separated values, and to detect breaks to the downside and/or upside, taking into account potential gaps between bars.

This indicator can be very handy if you, like me, rely on some key levels that you identified as potential support/resistance from some technical analysis.

+ It allows for key levels to be set as comma separated values.
+ It draws key levels on chart.
+ On close, it identifies highest key level that has been broken to the upside, if any.
+ On close, it identifies lowest key level that has been broken to the downside, if any.
+ In Cross mode, as bar is printing, it also detects highest/lowest key levels being broken to the upside/downside between bar high and low, if any.
+ It plots and labels breaks with current level and next level information.
+ It includes alerts from breaks on close.
+ It includes turn on/off functionality.

+ {Prices} checkbox: turns on/off entire functionality
+ {Prices} text field: comma separated values for key levels
+ {Breaks on} checkbox: turns on/off breaks detection functionality
+ {Breaks on} options: selects Close or Cross mode

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