NSDT Auto Support / Resistance Levels

Simple script that automatically plots support and resistance lines based on the pivot points of the number of candles you choose to look back upon.

All options are editable.
릴리즈 노트: Updated script to plot the resistance line at the high of the pivot candle and the support line at the low of the pivot candle.
릴리즈 노트: Added 2 additional levels of support and resistance. You can adjust the how many candles to "look back" for each zone. Also added the ability to create alerts for zone/levels breakouts.
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@NorthStarDayTrading What period would you recommend for 4h and daily?
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NorthStarDayTrading mikiahroberson
@mikiahroberson, It depends on market sentiment at that time. Adjust until it looks good for the current timeframe and use from that point.
It works. Great job and thanks.
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@cukamalu, Thanks. Enjoy!
Thank you
good job
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@dxbyali, You're welcome!
Hi Mr. NSDT , thanks for this effort. Been looking for the simplest indi for S&R,

A question. By (#number of candles), is it auto adjusted to any timeframe or fixed to any underlying timeframe. Thanks
@MKFBY, The default is set to a period of 20, but it can be modified in the settings to whatever works best for your timeframe and current market conditions.
MKFBY NorthStarDayTrading
@NorthStarDayTrading, understood, thanks for your reply
To be precise, if i am using daily timeframe and period 20, means that the S-R line is based on last 20 days high and low?
@MKFBY, That is correct.
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