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Sentiment Estimator is an indicator that estimates market sentiment using only its pricing data. It counts bullish and bearish candles in a rolling window and calculates their relative values as percentages of the total amount of candles in the window. Market sentiment shows the direction in which the market is biased to move or the current trend direction. Extreme values of the market sentiment are contrarian signals. When the market sentiment is too bullish, it is time to sell and vice versa.


Sentiment Estimator plots a pair of green and red circles for each candle. They represent bullish and bearish sentiments, respectively.
The vertical positions of the circles show corresponding sentiment values in percentage units. For example, if a green circle's height is 60, the market is 60% bullish. In this case, the red circle's height will be 40, as bullish and bearish parts of the market sentiment sum to 100%.

The blue line plotted at the 50% level shows the neutral sentiment level. If a green circle is above the blue line, the prevailing market sentiment at that time is bullish, and the market is biased to move up. If a red one is above, the market has predominantly bearish sentiment and is prone to move down.

The red level shows extreme sentiment level. If a green or red circle is above this line, it means that the market is extremely bullish or bearish, respectively. It is a contrarian signal, and one can expect a reversal soon. In this case, a blue label with the text "reversal expected" is shown.


Timeframe - allows choosing a timeframe other than the chart's one for the indicator calculation.

Look-Back Window - sets the historical window length used to perform the calculations. You can adjust the window to get the best results for a particular market or timeframe.

릴리즈 노트:
Added the ability to set a value for the extreme sentiment level in the script's settings.

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