Chart Oscillator

I present you the chart oscillator where an oscillator ( Stoch or RSI ) is plotted
on the chart itself (instead of below the chart)
It is inspired on an idea of @Kablamicus

Instead of having the lines between 0 and 100, here the '0-100' are
- lowest(low, len )
- highest(high, len )
An overbought/oversold and a middle line is derived from these lines
and the oscillator goes in between.

It resembles very much the 'normal' oscillator, with a few extra's:
- you can see the movement of the candles against the oscillator
- S/R levels of oscillator, 50 line, overbought/oversold line, 0-100 line



Also a table is included with the Stoch / RSI values

릴리즈 노트: Added MFI

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